“He did that to you,” as if he were surprised. “My brother’s a beast. You’re too beautiful for this!”
She nodded her head in agreement peering through her bruised eye. “He’ll change,” she mumbled from her busted lips.”


“I’m trying. I got to keep the family together.”

“You trying? He ain’t! Listen little gal, ain’t nothing you can do to change a man. You ain’t Gawd! Lawd knows you’ll die trying. Only God can change people.”

“Here try this. It’ll make you feel much better,” he said.

He held the flame to the pipe while she inhaled deeply. Flashing warning lights reflected brightly in her minds eyes. She could hear the words, POISON, POISON, POISON, screaming in her ears. The words formed in the cloud of putrid smoke. Poison! She inhaled again. That voice only she could hear said, “Let it go,” as she drifted away.


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