Reaching Higher Plateaus

This Far by Faith

“Everything and everyone that is available in the place you are in right now has something to teach you or give to you.” –Iyanla Vanzant

This morning I woke up reflecting on the last three years of my journey at Full Sail University, which soon will be coming to an end.  In June I will emerge with a Bachelors of Fine Arts for Creative Writing in Entertainment in hand.  Not bad for a sister girl who hasn’t been to school since Brooke Shields starred in Pretty Baby.

In the process of selecting pieces for my digital portfolio, I reviewed my very first project as a student, Who Has Gone Before You.  I created a Keynote presentation about my industry heroes Tyler Perry and Michael Jackson, whose journeys epitomizes their love and faith to deliver their message, and which had phenomenally propelled their careers.  Their lives are testaments to the power that rests, rules and abides in us all.

Did you know that whenever Michael wanted to write something great, he prayed?  When Tyler failed at his endeavors he did not stop believing; he talked to God.  The rest is history.  Michael knew what he wanted to be.  Tyler had an epiphany.  Enjoy the video and be inspired.

As I begin the next chapter of my life, leaving behind the familiar and forging ahead into new possibilities,  it’s a little unsettling, but being driven by  love, faith and determination I fearlessly press forward and embrace the unknown.  I do know for sure that the Most High has armed me with love, faith and creativity, and He is guiding my steps.  I’m not exactly sure where I’m going, but I know it’s going to be good and I trust Him.

Michael Jackson and Tyler Perry continue to inspire  with their words, creations and journey.   Their messages are purely based on the principles of love and faith.  Thanks to all who have gone before us, and who seek to encourage and inspire others to live with purpose and to reach higher plateaus.  I pray that the Lord will take my life and do something with it, that He may be glorified and others will be blessed.   

Feel free to comment and/or share whom your heroes are and how they have inspired you.

Love & Favor,



4 thoughts on “Reaching Higher Plateaus

  1. I truly loved this. These were 2 great examples to use. I have never heard the ‘leave room for God to walk into the room’ bit – that made me smile. My one niggling complaint as a bit of a perfectionist is that the music didn’t fade beautifully after that poignant quote about the heroes and then into The End edit. But just ignore me – I can’t help directing!
    Congrats on the Bachelors! 🙂 Big respect.


    • Yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist too, so I do understand your need to correct and direct. The music not having the proper finish was annoying to me as well. I wanted to show off my work as an inexperienced student. In hindsight, I realize that on a public platform I should have fixed this using Garageband. Nevertheless, a small victory was obtained in the challenges I faced uploading the presentation to YouTube with the original soundtrack.

      The best is yet to come. Thanks for the love and respect! 😀

      All the best,


  2. My heroes are Phyllicia Rashad, Malcolm X, Pres. Abraham Lincoln, Pres. Barack Obama, and you. Though each one of these leaders showed me a part of what I wanted to be and forged my thought process, you have shown be strength (perseverance) and the power of God… two things that I could not survive this world with out.


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