The Power of the Pen

 Angela M. Spencer is a native New Yorker from the Sugar Hill section of Harlem. She is a faith-based writer who enjoys penning thought-provoking poetry, short stories and screenplays for film and television.  Coming from a family who has the gift of writing, she is the first to actively pursue a professional career in that field.

After dabbling in other creative endeavors, singing, dancing, and event planning, she attempted to write and produce a dance production based on the biblical story, “The Woman at the Well,” to benefit the Ralph Lauren Cancer Center.  When that endeavor failed to come to fruition, she decided that it was time to develop her gift further and attended the Creative Writing for Entertainment Program at Full Sail University, where she obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree.

Angela believes that there is power in the pen that can shape minds and change lives.  She understands that love is the source to all life bringing joy, peace and abundance. Angela is currently pursuing her dreams as a staff writer and producer at a major network in New York City.  She is currently working on her screenplay, “The Well,” a musical that explores domestic abuse in men and women through the lens of three spirited women who experience hardship, heartache and redemption.


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