Know Your Worth

It is who we are, not what we have that enriches us.

– Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery

Knowing your worth is vital to your success. Otherwise, in whatever you endeavor to do, others will dictate your value. Your time, talent and resources come with a price. How you determine that value lies in discovering who you are, your purpose and why what you do is important to others. Taking guided steps that lead to your full potential will secure your success as an individual and in business.

What do you do after you’ve spent years on a job giving the best you have and suddenly your skills, loyalty and dedication are devalued by your employer? I have heard numerous stories where one has suffered in their position after providing excellent service for many years. Employers have taken the route of demeaning an employee’s character and performance before severing their relationship, leaving one second-guessing their abilities and emotionally distraught. Business as usual can be ruthless and devoid of empathy for who you are, your time, talent and contributions to their success.

Carol, a dedicated and loyal administrator in education, spent 22 productive years in her profession when the tables turned. Suddenly, she was being depicted as incompetent and constantly harassed on minor issues. The devaluing of her skills had made her insecure and uncertain about her future. She decided that she could no longer take the abuse and accepted a package that fell short of her future needs. Now what does she do? What are her options as she approaches middle age? How does she move forward in a marketplace where the focus is on recruiting young talent?

I worked for a firm for 20 years and was once considered the best thing since sliced bread, and things changed, I became a target. My contributions were devalued leaving me frustrated, humiliated and fragile.  When a package deal was presented to me I couldn’t wait to take the money and run. For my sanity, I had to take a leap of faith.

My saving grace was my pursuit of a college degree, and the care of Dr. Todd Sinett and Biofeedback specialist, Michael Lodish, MA, all of which helped balanced the trauma associated with the assault on my character, abilities and reputation. Six months later, I had graduated and was faced with the big questions, where do I go from here? What is my purpose?  How do I redefine myself?

At this pivotal moment, I realized that the marketplace had changed since I last interviewed for a job. The doors weren’t swinging open for me the way they did during my prime. What was my competitive edge in this new age and generation of competitors? I took on a project as a social media coordinator and some freelance writing assignments.  As a freelance writer, not knowing the value of my time, talent and resources had left me open to selling myself short.

A good friend of mine Warren Winston had undergone a similar experience. He enjoyed a successful career at a Fortune 500 Company, but he became a target for having a bible on his desk, was undermined by a hostile director and let go. However, he moved forward with his dignity in tact because he knew who he was, what he had to offer and why what he had is important to others.

Because he was grounded in the knowledge of his identity, Warren sought to reinvent himself by wisely consulting with his Creator for his next steps. He found himself employed in a position in which he had authority over his prior employer. Yes, he had his day, but he desired something more. He was led to invest his time in people, teaching and mentoring them on the principles of success. He equipped himself with the tools he needed at the Dale Carnegie Institute and under John Maxwell’s tutelage. He has since launched five successful businesses. Knowing your worth is power!

Now, Warren coaches Fortune 500 companies and mentors individuals, showing them how to increase their bottom line and improve productivity by following simple principles for wealth, leadership and life. Recently, he began sharing with me his “Six Step Profit System.” He helped me to understand the power of knowing who I am, the value of what I do and why it is important to others, which has given me the confidence to move forward in life, to develop sustainable relationships and create a plan for my future.

Whether you are a freelance writer, CEO or a Hollywood movie star, once you understand these principles you will never again settle for less. It has not been easy starting over from scratch, but I’ve been blessed to have Warren’s guidance in discovering my identity in the marketplace and how to maximize and quantify the value of my time, talent and resources.  As I focus on the steps to reaching my true potential I am certain that I will have a successful career as a writer.

If you are interested in learning a higher way of being in your personal life or business, Warren Winston’s teaching will show you the who, why and way to fulfill your vision and increase your profits. Find out more about Warren Winston’s coaching, mentoring programs and seminars at

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future. -Unknown


Marked By Love


Every cloud has a silver lining. I have been inspired by my friend, motivational speaker, Warren Winston and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott to tell my story to help and heal others.  Through many struggles I’ve always been lifted to continue walking in joy and peace with love in my heart.  I remember being angry with God while struggling through an abusive relationship. I told him that I had done everything that he had asked loved everyone unconditionally, guarded my eyes and ears, prayed without ceasing, and let him fight every battle, but I couldn’t see the blessings. I wondered if it was all in vain.  Where was my love? I broke down. The tears of my soul nearly drowned me.  Then a wave of peace and stillness permeated my being. I heard a voice within say would you leave all of this behind and follow me. I said, “Yes. Wherever you lead me will be far better than where I am now.”  I packed my box, forgave my past, and never looked back.  I had been marked by love.Edit